Weight Loss for Women at 40

The body of a 10 year old is different to a 18 year old which is yet different to a person who is 40. Same is true for weight loss specially among women.



As soon as women enter the age bracket of the 40s they start to experience certain bodily changes like hormones, weight gain, psychological changes regarding their own bodies and not to mention a hectic and changing
daily routine of maintaining a family & kids.

Hormonal changes in women in their 40s lower their metabolism rate which is the rate at which the body burns calories. There are some foods which children digest better than women in their 40s. Eating these foods leads to slower metabolism which can lead to fatigue and bloating.

Sleep – A healthy body is one which gets an optimum amount of sleep. At precisely the right times. The growing perils of middle age deprive women in their 40s of this crucial yet overlooked element of weight loss. If you get a good sleep every night you will notice a lot of change not only in your weight but also skin. Your mind will be more alert during the day.

Artificial foods – While companies selling artificial, pre-packaged food might try to market their merchandise with labels such as “all natural”, 100% organic you need to keep in mind that eating stuff without any processing is one of the best types of food for your body. Remember – the closer the stuff to the nature the better it is for your health. So don’t get washed into believing that all those shiny, packaged stuff is as good as the real, organic thing.

Breakfast – Breakfast is one of the most effective thing you can do if you’re on your weight-loss mission. Not only if you’re a woman in your 40s but at any age breakfast is good for your overall well-being. A healthy breakfast spurs your metabolism early during the day which definitely benefits with infrequent pangs of food.

Some obvious but important stuff includes keeping away from fatty foods – here’s a quick guide to fats I wrote a few days ago. And if you have fat issues then go read my how to burn fat post.
If you’re a woman and have experienced weight-loss then it’d be helpful to other women who are undergoing that same stage. We’d love to hear your stories!

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